20 days journaling guide

This is a journaling guide to help couples who are experiencing a lack in sexual intimacy. This guide is set for 20 days leading up to sexual intercourse to happen on Day 20. If sex occurs before the 20 days that is great! If it does not happen before or at the 20-day mark, please don’t feel discouraged. Continue to practice the exercises and/or attend counseling. Make sure you have consulted your doctor to ensure there are no medical issues existing that may have contributed to a decrease in your sex life. All exercises suggested including the “Erotic Menu” is at your own risk. Please make sure you and your partner are safe, consenting, and comfortable with everything that you incorporate from this book or other resources regarding enhancing your sex life

Couple's date night journal

This journal is chocked full of activities to complete with your partner to help you two reconnect emotionally. Please use the questions to prompt thought provoking conversation to help guide you to a different level of emotional intimacy. This journal isn’t recommended to replace couples or marriage counseling. However, it can be a start to repairing broken relationships. Meka Nicole, MS, LPC, CPCS

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